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BoosterFebruary 20, 2024< 1 min read

Looking ahead: lessons from 2023’s financial market recovery

Last year brought a strong reversal after a tough 2022 for fund returns. 

Both fixed interest and share investments have performed well, and interest rates rises over the last two years look like they are reducing inflation, leading to a more confident outlook for interest rates moving forward.

We’re happy with the good performance of our global share investments, thanks to partnerships with active overseas managers which have brought a home-ground advantage to choosing individual investments.

Investing back into New Zealand has been a part of our approach, including through the Booster Innovation Fund. This includes supporting local companies that are working on big issues, like cancer detection and clean energy storage, even though they are small in size.

History shows that markets bounce back from low points, just like after 2022. It is important to make sure you are in the right investments for your goals and keep focused on the long-term horizons.



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