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Booster Savvy Scheme documents

In this section, you'll find documents for the Booster Savvy Scheme.

Product Disclosure Statement

These are updated regularly to ensure we can provide the most recent information. You can read the latest Product Disclosure Statements below or find them in the Disclose Register. Choose ‘Search Offers’ and search for ‘Booster’.

Booster Savvy Scheme Product Disclosure Statement
PDF (340kB)

While risk indicators stated in the Product Disclosure Statements are usually relatively stable, they do shift from time to time. You can see the most recent risk indicator in the latest fund update for each fund in the relevant Quarterly Fund update.

Quarterly fund updates

Review the quarterly summaries for each fund in the Booster Savvy Scheme.

The Quarterly Fund Updates of the quarters previous to those listed below can be found on the Disclose Register.  Chose ‘Search Offers’ and search for ‘Booster’ at

Quarter ending 31 March 2024 Booster Savvy Fund
Quarter ending 31 December 2023 Booster Savvy Fund
Quarter ending 30 September 2023 Booster Savvy Fund
Quarter ending 30 June 2023 Booster Savvy Fund

Other documents - Booster Savvy Scheme

Other Material Information
PDF (334kB)
Transactional Bank Account Comparison
PDF (127kB)
Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives
PDF (224kB)
Accidental Death Cover Policy
PDF (62.3kB)


Notice of Disputed Transaction Form
PDF (115kB)

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