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Investing in Aotearoa

We’ve heard the words “Support Local” a lot in the last couple of years. But at Booster, supporting local has been a part of our story for longer than that – and we’ve taken it to heart.


New Zealand is a country full of bright sparks, so creating Kiwi-centric investment funds for Kiwi investors was a bit of a no-brainer for us.

Our Kiwi innovators, researchers and businesses are seeking to solve global problems and build futures that have a positive impact on both New Zealand and the world.

We’ve sought out exciting local companies that are applying a present-day version of the ‘number 8 wire’ Kiwi ingenuity across a spectrum of industries including bio-tech, info-tech, materials science, manufacturing, horticulture, agriculture and energy.

Investing in these businesses not only helps each of them to reach their potential but equally helps New Zealand to grow – creating jobs, keeping profits here and providing pathways for the next generation of innovators to follow in their footsteps.

Forward thinking and dynamic businesses have always been found in every corner of our country and it’s no different today. Last year, we invested over $200 million into New Zealand.

Our recent investment into Wellington-based clean tech company, Hot Lime Labs, is aiming to put the “green back into greenhouses” by producing a sustainable, socially-conscious, renewable source of CO2 and heat.


And just outside of Nelson, where Waimea West Hops are producing some of the most coveted hops in the brewing world, our investment is enabling the farm to expand and mature faster than a hop bine in the sunshine. 


According to ZeroJet, removing one running 120 horsepower outboard motor from the water is equivalent to removing emissions from about 150 cars from our roads, and their electric propulsion system for jetboats aims to do just that.

Our investment is now helping them scale the system to power larger craft.


Along with building their businesses, these companies are building strong local communities. And for Booster, it’s about connecting these communities with these exciting investments, enabling all New Zealanders to participate and share in that success.

By investing in their future, you’re investing in your own. It’s a win-win.

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