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Helping Kiwis share in the success of innovative research and IP development happening right here in New Zealand.

Boosting innovation for the benefit of all New Zealanders

We’re a nation of innovators. Our country has been built on strange, wonderful or revolutionary inventions – many of which have taken the world by storm.

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We passionately believe in supporting cutting-edge innovation and research; breakthroughs that are happening right here, right now in New Zealand.

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In 2018 we formed NZ Innovation Booster; a partnership with Wellington UniVentures, to provide funding in start-up companies to commercialise innovations and research coming out of Victoria University of Wellington (VUW).

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In 2020, we expanded that partnership to include Otago Innovation Limited – a University of Otago company responsible for developing and commercialising the University's intellectual property.

NZ Innovation Booster (NZIB)

Both Victoria University of Wellington and University of Otago are leading research universities. They each have exciting innovations available to commercialise.

Many of these innovations will have a positive effect for New Zealand – and globally – with current research leading to biotech breakthroughs, new technologies and environmental benefits.

NZ Innovation Booster (NZIB) provides investment funding to take the fledgling company to the next stage of development or commercialisation. Our investment at this early stage means the innovations and IP stay here in New Zealand for longer – so we all benefit.

NZIB gives Booster KiwiSaver scheme investors access to science and technological innovations that everyday investors wouldn’t normally have access to. It’s about helping all New Zealanders share in the success of ground-breaking research and IP development happening in Aotearoa.

Some of our KiwiSaver scheme funds invest a small portion into NZIB – so as a Booster KiwiSaver Scheme member, you could be investing in exciting tech start-ups just by saving for your retirement.

NZIB invests in tech start-ups with intellectual property that’s ready for commercialisation. This investment helps researchers to transform their discoveries into products or services that have a real benefit to society.

Booster has committed funding of up to $10m to the partnership over 5 years – with an aim to increase the portfolio to approx. 20 new business.

NZIB partners with companies that all have a common element: strong intellectual property built from New Zealand-based research and development that is ready for commercialisation.

Most start-ups end up looking for overseas investment to help take their tech to the next level. NZIB’s investment makes it possible for these companies to continue to grow in NZ.

NZIB’s initial portfolio of investments includes biotechnology, chemistry, physics, materials science, and data analytics. The diversification of investments ensures risk is reduced.

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An exciting future

Launched in 2018, NZIB continues to grow through investments in exciting tech start-ups.