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Booster Investment Scheme documents

In this section, you'll find documents for the Booster Investment Scheme. 

Quarterly updates

View the quarterly updates for each fund in the Booster Investment Scheme and Private Land and Property Fund.

Product Disclosure Statements

These are updated from time to time so they always have the latest information. You can read the latest Product Disclosure Statements below or find them in the Disclose Register. Choose ‘Search Offers’ and search for ‘Booster’ at

Booster Investment Scheme Product Disclosure Statement – Investment Series: Enhanced Cash Portfolio and Income Securities Portfolio (PDF 276kB)

Booster Investment Scheme Product Disclosure Statement – Investment Series: Income Funds and Corporate Bond Fund (PDF 898kB)

Booster Investment Scheme Product Disclosure Statement – Investment Series: Multi-sector Funds (PDF 1173kB)

Booster Investment Scheme Product Disclosure Statement – Focus Series Funds (PDF 595kB)

Booster Investment Scheme 2 Product Disclosure Statement - Private Land and Property Fund (PDF 1.6MB)

Booster Innovation Scheme Product Disclosure Statement - Booster Innovation Fund (PDF 2.2MB)

While risk indicators stated in the Product Disclosure Statements are usually relatively stable, they do shift from time to time. You can see the most recent risk indicator in the latest fund update for each fund on the quarterly fund updates page.

Other documents - Booster Investment Scheme

Other Material Information (PDF 348kB)

Booster System Terms and Conditions (PDF 368 kB)

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (PDF 424kB)

Responsible Investment Policy Statement (PDF 192kB)

Trust Deed (1.8MB)

Swap Agreement (PDF 291kB)

Annual Report 2022 (PDF 178kB)

Financial Statements 2022 (PDF 1.3MB)

Other documents - Booster Investment Series II

Trust Deed (PDF 1.3MB)

Private Land and Property Fund

Other Material Information (PDF 1.5MB)

Annual Report 2022 (PDF 218 KB)

Financial Statements 2022 (PDF 2.5MB)

PLPF Unit prices (PDF 123kB)

PLPF Buying and selling FAQs (PDF 88kB)

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (PDF 172kB)

Booster Innovation Fund

Annual Report 2022 (PDF 478kB)

Financial Statements 2022 (PDF 1030kB)

BIF unit prices (PDF 125kB)

BIF buying and selling FAQs (PDF 60kB)

Establishment Deed Booster – Innovation Scheme (PDF 116kB)

Other Material Information (PDF 290kB)

Prospective Financial Information (PDF 98kB)

Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (PDF 131kB)

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