Manage your financial universe with mybooster

mybooster lets you manage your financial universe, track your total wealth, and create the future you want by giving you a joined-up view of your bank accounts, investments, property, assets and debts alongside your Booster KiwiSaver Scheme, budgeting tool, mybudgetpal, and retirement calculator, mymoneymap.
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Your financial future

mybooster gives you the tools to build the financial future you want. Create an overview of your financial wellbeing and simplify your money management with exclusive tools and resources.

Get a total overview of your entire financial universe with mybooster’s unique wealth platform. Bring together your bank accounts, assets, Booster KiwiSaver Scheme account, SuperScheme account, investments, mortgages, loans and debts into one, easy-to-view location.

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To get the financial future you want, you need to know where your money is being spent.

Booster’s budgeting app, mybudgetpal, takes the hard work out of creating a budget by syncing with your bank accounts and automatically categorising your expenses for you – so you don’t have to spend hours working out what goes where.

Simply log into mybooster and connect your bank accounts to get started.

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Get mybooster on your phone! Download the Booster NZ app and track your financial universe on the go – so you can be on top of your finances, wherever you are.

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Your wealth platform

mybooster allows you to manage your Booster account, track your financial universe and improve your financial wellbeing with in-built tools and resources.

Track financial assets

Use mybooster’s wealth platform to build the financial future you want. Simply add in all your assets, investments, shares and debts to get a complete picture of your financial universe. Keep track of your personal wealth so you can take steps to improve your financial wellbeing.

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Account management

Easily manage your Booster account in mybooster. Keep your personal details up to date, review your KiwiSaver account balance and fund performance, check you’re on track to get your full government contribution, update your PIR rate, start your investment portfolio, download annual statements and 1st home buyer documentation.

Set up regular payments

The fastest way to grow your retirement savings is to make regular contributions. You can set up automatic payments for yourself or a family member’s KiwiSaver account, or directly into your investment account.

Set up a direct debit in mybooster to reach your savings goals faster.

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Switch funds online

Our online switch tool means you can quickly and easily update your KiwiSaver investment funds. Take our Fund selector to work out the right fund for you, then make the switch in just a few minutes.

Your KiwiSaver account, your way.

Watch your savings take off!

Join over 170,000 Booster members on their way to a better financial future