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Our partnership with Wellington UniVentures will help boost exciting research and innovation breakthroughs
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We’re a nation of innovators. Our country has been built on strange, wonderful or revolutionary inventions – many of which have taken the world by storm. Innovations such as the Hamilton jet, the bungy jump and the electric fence, to name a few.

Here at Booster, we passionately believe in supporting cutting-edge innovation and research; breakthroughs that are happening right here, right now in New Zealand.

That’s why in August 2019 we formed a partnership with Wellington UniVentures (previously Viclink) – the commercial development arm of Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) – to provide funding to commercialise world-leading innovations and breakthrough research coming out of Victoria University.

How does it work?

Booster and Wellington UniVentures have created a partnership – NZ Innovation Booster LP – which will provide secured funding to take research to the next stage of development or commercialisation. This financial support helps researchers to transform their discoveries into products or services that have a real benefit to society.

Our investment at this early stage means the innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) stay here in New Zealand, so we all benefit.

How do you benefit from this?

As a world-renowned research university, Victoria University of Wellington has ground-breaking research and innovations available to commercialise. Many of these innovations will have a positive effect for New Zealand – and globally – with current research leading to medical breakthroughs, new technologies and environmental discoveries.

By investing in and helping to commercialise the research IP, we’re keeping it and new technologies right here in New Zealand. That’s something to be proud of!

Who else is involved?

NZ Innovation Booster is a partnership between Booster and Wellington UniVentures. Booster provides a consistent stream of funding, which the partnership can access to invest in selected IP for the next stage of development. Wellington UniVentures can also seek investment from other third-party investors as well – allowing for more investment from different investors.

More than a quick buck

We believe in supporting New Zealand businesses and research. We also set up Tahi – our specialist investment fund – as a way to unlock investment opportunities in New Zealand businesses. With NZ Innovation Booster, we’re unlocking more investment opportunities in world-leading research and technological advancements.

It’s more than a short-term thing for us. We’re investing in New Zealand’s bright and innovative future.

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