A fresh name for wise heads
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About us

You may have only just heard of us, but we’ve been quietly beavering away since we were founded way back in 1998 as Grosvenor Financial Services.

Fully owned and operated right here in New Zealand, we were set up by a bunch of experienced industry experts. We were all convinced there was a better way for New Zealanders to save than what was offered by some of the lumbering international conglomerates.

We know that thinking about ‘when you retire’ is a luxury when you’re dealing with the present. Yet the finance industry talks about ‘long-term accumulation’ and works on the basis of jobs for life. They sign you up and leave you to it… alone in the financial wilderness.

But not us. Our can-do Kiwi spirit burns brighter and stronger today.

We’ve changed our name to Booster, because we believe we can help New Zealanders grow their financial confidence while we also grow their money.

Booster. Finally, a financial services company that’s making sense of money.