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The ethos behind Tahi is partnership. It’s not just about investing money. It’s also about contributing strategic thinking and creating access to opportunities that advantage our partners, so they can grow even more. It was this strategic approach that led to the formation of Tahi's newest asset, the Booster Wine Group.

It just so happened that the first business Tahi invested in was a wine business – the Awatere River Wine Company, founded by Louis Vavasour. 

The wine industry is notoriously difficult, especially when you're small. By combining the business smarts at Booster with Louis’ wine expertise, the team quickly identified opportunities to put together a group of companies that covered the supply chain end-to-end and gave them the all-important scale to produce quality wine profitably and efficiently.

First came Waimea Estate. As one of Nelson’s largest wine producers, the strategy was given an immediate boost in scale.

Then came Bannock Brae in Central Otago, creating a beachhead in another viticulture area of New Zealand with a strong international reputation and adding a top Pinot Noir offering to the product range.

Next was Sileni Estates, the largest of the additions to the group. Founded by the Avery family, the addition of Sileni Estates boosted scale and importantly, contributed established global distribution channels in over 60 countries around the world – a key success factor in an industry that is export focused.

The addition of Sileni Estates, and the purchase of Mahana Estate's state-of-the-art wine-making facilities (now called Gravity) completed the original strategy, and the Booster Wine Group was formed.

Gravity's world-class wine production facility is where the Booster Wine Group will produce its premium and super-premium wines. It serves as home base for the team of passionate people leading the wine group, driven by their common quest to craft the best wines NZ has to offer and take them to the world.

By combining the strengths of the companies in the Booster Wine Group, Tahi was able to give each business access to resources and synergies that money alone couldn't buy. Now operating together as one, these successful Kiwi businesses have the scale, capability and resources to supply the world with their ultimate line up of New Zealand wines.

The formation of the Booster Wine Group means that Booster investors now own a slice of an asset which was created for their benefit and is set to deliver ongoing value for all.