Ethical investing with Booster

Understanding how your money is invested is important to you. It's important to us, too. That’s why, alongside our standard funds, we offer three independently certified, socially responsible investment (SRI) funds.
Our SRI funds restrict investing in 15 specific sectors and industries – including fossil fuels, tobacco, and nuclear weapons.
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A movement with momentum

Did you know that Booster was the first KiwiSaver scheme provider to offer certified ethical KiwiSaver funds? We call it socially responsible investing.

And our commitment to ethical investing just keeps growing. So much so, our socially responsible investment (SRI) funds are some of the top performing funds in their categories1. Over 10,000 Booster members are now investing ethically. By choosing to invest your KiwiSaver savings in Booster’s socially responsible investment (SRI) funds, you’re investing in a better world for you and your family.


Booster Fav 57% of all new Booster members chose to invest in socially responsible investment funds2 

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We avoid investing in:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Nuclear power production
  • Military weapons manufacturing
  • Civilian firearms production
  • Tobacco production
  • Alcohol production
  • Gambling operations
  • Adult entertainment
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Animal testing
  • Intensive animal farming (factory farming)
  • Livestock exports
  • Palm oil
  • Recreational cannabis
  • Whaling

Where a company generates significant revenue or more than an incidental proportion of revenue from these areas. eg a company that derives 5% or more revenue from fossil fuels (including exploration, extraction, refinement, distribution, supply and retail).

Is there an ‘ethically perfect’ fund?

It’s important to choose an investment fund that aligns with your personal values, but also offers you long-term performance. There’s no point being in the perfect ethical fund if it doesn’t return results!

Booster’s socially responsible investment funds offer the ideal balance between investing ethically and getting great returns.

Booster SR Balanced Fund

9.9% return p.a. (1.7% above category average)3

Booster SR High Growth Fund

14.1% return p.a. (2.9% above category average)4

Returns are after fees (excluding the member fee and any withdrawal fee) but before tax. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

High growth coin stack

Make your actions count

It’s easy to start investing ethically. Simply work out the right fund for you and make the change today.
Booster offers three socially responsible investment KiwiSaver scheme funds, so you can invest in a fund that’s right for you.

Our Socially Responsible Investment funds at a glance

Make the change today

 Join the movement!

Booster Fav Over 10,000 Booster members are now investing ethically. In 2020, 46% of new Booster members invested in an SRI fund.5 

Our approach to responsible investing

Invest ethically with Booster

Join over 130,000 Booster members on their way to a better financial future.


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1 Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey March Quarter 2021

2 Booster KiwiSaver Scheme direct member sign ups, Feb 20-Jan21

3 As at 31 March 2021. Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey March Quarter 2021. Multi-sector Balanced category, 3-year returns.

4 As at 31 March 2021. Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey March Quarter 2021. Multi-sector Aggressive category, 3-year returns.

5 46% of new Booster KiwiSaver Scheme members, direct or adviser (but not default), invested in one of our SRI funds in 2020.