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Super Simple Life Insurance FAQs

Booster's Super Simple Life insurance is designed to give you the cover you need, without all the expensive extras.

Getting started

What’s life insurance?

Life insurance helps protect the lifestyle and future of your family and loved ones if you die. Life insurance payments may be used to pay off any debts you have, cover your funeral costs, or provide a lump sum to fund future lifestyle costs such as education or car replacement. Booster’s Super Simple Life Insurance is available via an easy-to-use online application process and, if you're approved, provides immediate cover up to $200,000.

Who can get Booster’s Super Simple Life Insurance?

You can apply for Booster Super Simple life insurance and, if approved, get cover up to $200,000 if you:

  • Are a current Booster KiwiSaver Scheme member; and
  • Are aged 18 to 50; and
  • Are a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand passport holder, holder of a New Zealand residency visa/permit or a work permit of 2 years or more and permanently reside in New Zealand.

Depending on your own personal circumstances, your premiums may be higher than standard rates due to health conditions, or a specific activity or health condition may be excluded from your cover.

Should my spouse or partner also get life cover?

If you share responsibilities for financial liabilities such as a mortgage or children and your partner’s death would result in you struggling financially, then, yes.

What information do I receive?

Once your policy has been established, we will send you a copy of your official policy document by email.

What ongoing information do I receive?

On each anniversary of your policy, we will send you a review of your policy, which will detail the cover you have and the premium for the next year. As a Booster customer, you will also receive regular communications from us.


What should I think about for replacing an existing policy?

If you already have an existing insurance policy, and you are considering replacing it with a new one, there are a few important things to think about to decide if it is in your best interests.

Things to think about:

  • Your personal situation – If your health has changed, or you have changed occupation or leisure pursuits, then your new policy may not offer the same protection as your existing policy.
  • What you are covered for – Specific cover or definitions may be different between insurance policies, so you need to be sure you understand the differences, and check that the new cover will meet your needs. A new policy may also have ‘stand-down’ periods, where cover does not fully take effect until after a period of time.
  • Premiums – The cost of the policy may be different, but also the change in the cost over time. For example, some premiums may be fixed for a period of time, whereas others will generally increase annually.
  • Financial strength – The financial strength of insurers may be different.

You should always check the terms and conditions of your existing policy and the new policy or consult your financial adviser before replacing any existing policy.

Also, do not cancel an insurance policy until your new policy has been confirmed and you are happy you are appropriately insured.

Who is the policy owner?

When you first take out your insurance policy, the ‘policy owner’ (this is the person who can make decisions about the policy, such as the level of cover) is the same as the ‘insured person’ (this is the person whose death or terminal illness will result in a benefit payment) and is the same as the ‘beneficiary’ (the person who will receive the proceeds of the benefit in the event of a claim).

The policy owner could be you, or if you’re setting up cover with a partner you can choose to have a ‘joint’ policy, which means that you both own the insurance. Please ask for a Change of Ownership/ Beneficiary form to set this up.

What is a terminal illness?

This is an illness that, in the opinion of a medical specialist, will result in the insured person having 12 months or less to live, after taking into account all reasonable available treatment.

What is the terminal illness benefit?

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can submit a claim and if accepted, we’ll pay you the full amount of cover shown on your policy schedule.

Does my policy have a cash value?

No. This insurance policy does not have a savings or investment component, so there is no cash value.

How much?

How much cover should I get?

The cover you need will depend on your personal financial circumstances. You should consider the debts you would wish to pay off or money you would want to leave behind if you die. We recommend talking to a financial adviser to help you work out an amount that is appropriate for your needs. If you don’t have a financial adviser, we can put you in touch with one.

There is a limit of $200,000 for cover bought online through Booster Assurance Limited.

How much will life insurance cost?

If your application is approved, premiums are based on the level of cover you select as well as your age and gender. These are sometimes referred to as ‘standard rates’. For some people who smoke, have health issues, work in dangerous occupations or have hazardous hobbies, then the premium may be higher.

Will my premiums increase?

For anyone below the age of 40, premiums will not increase until the first policy anniversary after your 40th birthday.

For anyone over age 40, on the anniversary of your policy, your premiums will generally increase with age, which reflects the increased risk of a claim.

Should you develop a health issue after taking out the policy, your premiums are not affected (though the premium may be higher for any increases in cover you choose to make).

Does smoking affect my premium?

Yes, smokers’ premiums are higher than those of non-smokers. On the plus side, if you have not smoked for more than 12 months, you can qualify as a non-smoker – you will need to contact us so we can change your premium.

Does smoking include use of a vapouriser or e-cigarette?

If you have used a vapouriser or e-cigarette within the last 12 months, you are considered a smoker for the purposes of this insurance cover


Who can I talk to for advice?

Booster does not currently provide personalised advice in respect to life insurance. Any comments or statements made on our website or anywhere else in relation to life insurance should be considered to be information or general advice only.

If you would like personalised advice, you should contact your financial adviser, or we can put you in touch with a financial adviser in your area who can help you.


How does the online risk assessment work?

The answers you give in the Health and Lifestyle section of the online application form will help us to work out your level of 'insurance risk'. It is important that you include any relevant medical information that you are aware of.

Depending on your answers in the Health and Lifestyle section, you might be offered cover with altered terms (i.e. a specific exclusion or an additional cost applied to your premium).

If we're unable to assess your risk online at the time of your application, we'll refer you to speak to your financial adviser for assistance.

What about my pre-existing conditions?

The online risk assessment will take into account any pre-existing conditions during your application process.

How quickly will I get an answer?

Your online application is assessed immediately, and you'll be given an outcome on screen. If your application is accepted or you're offered altered terms, you can then decide if you want to proceed with the policy.

If I'm happy with the offer of cover, what happens next?

Once you've reviewed the offer of cover, you can choose to accept it and proceed with the rest of the application process. You'll be issued with a policy schedule at the end of the application process.


What are my payment options?

The most common and easiest payment option is direct debit, which can be set up online. However, you can also pay by internet banking.

How do I pay by internet banking?

You can either;

  • Make a payment to this account number: 02-0108-0436076-000
  • Or you can search for and select ‘Booster Assurance Limited’ as a new bill payee.

Whichever method you choose, please include the following information with your payment so we can correctly allocate it to your policy:

  • Particulars: Your surname
  • Code: Your member number
  • Reference: Your policy number

When will I make my first premium payment?

Your first premium will be payable after your application has been assessed and accepted. If you do not proceed with your application then you won’t have to pay any premiums.


What happens if I change my mind after signing up?

If you decide you don’t want to continue with your policy, you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund of your premiums. This is known as the ‘free look period’.

You can also cancel your policy at any time after the first 30 days, however, your premium payments are not refundable.

What happens if I stop paying my premiums?

If you have not paid the last three premiums in full, your cover will end.

If you change your bank account or have difficulty in making the premium payments, contact us or your financial adviser to avoid your policy being cancelled.

When does my cover end?

Your cover will end if you:

  1. Decide to cancel it or
  2. If you stop paying premiums, or
  3. On the policy anniversary after you reach age 65

What if my circumstances change?

It’s important that you tell us of any changes in your circumstances. Please let us know of any bank account changes, or contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Can I change the amount of my cover?

Yes – we recommend you review your cover against your personal financial situation on an annual basis to ensure the level of cover is right for you.

You can increase or decrease your cover at any time – contact us or go online to do this.

Note: When increasing cover, you will be required to answer the health and lifestyle questions again, and the terms for the new cover may change from those of your original cover.

Can I change or add a policy owner or beneficiary at a later date?

Yes, you can do this at any time - just contact us and we’ll send you a ‘Change of Ownership/ Beneficiary’ form.


What happens if I need to claim?

If you think you might be entitled to a claim, please contact us straight away. We will then get the claims process underway.

When would a claim not get paid?

A claim would be refused in the following circumstances:

  • False or incomplete information was provided to us at the time the insurance policy was taken out
  • The policy was terminated due to non-payment prior to the claim event
  • Where the death or terminal illness was a result of the insured person’s suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury within the first 13 months from the start date of the policy, or from the date of any increased cover (but only in respect of the increase)
  • Where the death or terminal illness was caused by the wrongdoing of the person who would benefit from the insurance policy

Who is the insurer?

Booster Assurance Limited is licensed as an insurer issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Booster Assurance Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Booster Financial Services Limited. See our Disclosure Statement for more information on Booster Assurance Limited.

Contact details

Call us on 0800 336 338, Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm.

If you’re overseas, call +64 4 894 4300.

Email us at:


How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint we’re happy to discuss it. Please contact us in the first instance, and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue.

We are a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Service scheme, a free and independent service which can help settle any dispute you are unable to resolve with us.

Financial Dispute Resolution Service contact details

Post: Freepost 231075, PO Box 2272, Wellington 6140

Phone: 0508 337 337