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NZ Innovation Booster companies

Auramerbio 300W

AuramerBio’s core strength is its capability to develop rapidly novel DNA aptamers for a wide range of targets for analytical applications.

Aptamers are short segments of DNA or RNA that selectively bind to a specific target. These can be produced synthetically, allowing more control and customisation of sensor characteristics. Auramer Bio has developed the basic proprietary technology for aptamer production.

Products under development with partners include portable devices for the detection of drugs of abuse such as road side testing for Class A & B illicit drugs, monitoring of female fertility to improve the likelihood of pregnancy, tests to ensure optimal training regimes for athletes, and tests for food contaminants and water quality to promote home health. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2

Avalia Cmyk

Avalia’s proprietary immune system activating platform generates targeted cellular responses for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease and cancer.

Avalia’s lead program is targeting a cure for the 257 million people living with chronic hepatitis B infection – a liver disease. With no effective cure, chronic hepatitis B can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and requirement for liver transplants, and globally still causes 1 million deaths per annum. 

Through collaborations, Avalia is developing a pipeline of preventative vaccines for malaria and influenza, and new immune-targeting treatments for cancer. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2


EdPotential’s goal is to improve educational achievement by using data to understand performance.

EdPotential provides a web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) product for schools to help teachers inquire into their assessment data, analyse it to identify gaps and strengths, and then act to target solutions that improve student achievement.

It is a data analytics platform that automates the receipt, processing and error correction of data from school management systems, assessment results, and other sources. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2


Ferronova is a medical device company producing a diagnostic system to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

More than 40% of people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Successful cancer treatment relies on accurate staging of how far, and where cancer has spread from a primary tumour.

Current diagnostic systems are not able to reliably detect small tumours without invasive surgery. The Ferronova technology addresses this problem in two ways: it can be used as a tracer for MRI scans or in Sentinal Lymph Node Biopsies to identify the spread of cancer and subsequent treatments. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2

Inhibit Ocatings

Inhibit Coatings develops and produces antimicrobial surface coatings with activity that lasts the lifetime of the coating. The coatings work to inhibit the growth of potential microbial contamination and outbreaks. 

Inhibit's technology is primarily designed for commercial use in facilities with high hygiene and sanitisation requirements – particularly food processing, health care and aged-care facilities.

Inhibit has worked with end-users and suppliers to develop antimicrobial coatings for a range of applications including flooring, walls, textiles and filters. The antimicrobial coatings market is estimated to be US$4.2 billion and growing rapidly.

In 2020, Inhibit secured its first contract with MBIE to develop anti-viral coatings for high-risk areas. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2


InsituGen has developed a new testing platform for the detection of anabolic drugs in biological samples.The technology can be applied to animals, human athletes and food sources such as nutritional supplements.

The initial focus of the company is directed towards detecting doping in the horseracing industry. Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2


Marama Labs has developed a world-first spectrophotometer, the CloudSpec, that accurately analyses light spectra in cloudy liquids.

Spectroscopy, which uses light to determine the chemical composition of samples, is a standard laboratory technique. Until now it has not been easy to use in liquids that are not clear. The Marama Labs product and technology solves that problem.

Initially, Marama Labs' focus is on the wine industry where the first product is under trial in New Zealand and Australia. It provides real time data on composition of the wine under production that influences taste, colour and mouthfeel. This data will help winemakers better control and improve the quality of their wines.

Over time, Marama Labs aims to expand to other markets where it is critical to understand the underlying chemistry of a cloudy liquid. (e.g. beverages, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater). Assets V10 Button Arrow 25Pt Large Copy 2


Rekover is developing pharmaceuticals to treat Multiple sclerosis (MS) - a chronic disease that is characterised by increasing loss of motor function and paralysis.

Rekover’s lead asset is a repurposed drug that has shown strong efficacy in animal models and has a well-established and excellent safety record.

The strategy of repurposing an existing drug for a new use means the drug will proceed in the near term to a phase 2 clinical trial, the aim of which is to show the drug benefits MS patients as suggested by the preclinical evaluation conducted at VUW.