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SuperRatings ranks Booster KiwiSaver Scheme as a top performer

05 November 2018

SuperRatings has released its top-rated KiwiSaver schemes for 2019, along with a list of schemes that provide the highest value on a 'net benefit' basis. 

Booster achieved a Gold rating, one of only eight KiwiSaver schemes to achieve the rating.

SuperRatings' assessment criteria considers five key factors, including investments, fees, member servicing, scheme administration and goverance. Schemes awarded a Gold rating are considered to be strong across all key assessment criteria.

Di Papadopoulous, Marketing Strategist, Booster, says "We are pleased to see the results of the SuperRatings top rated KiwiSaver schemes of 2019 - particularly given its emphasis around customer engagement. We believe this is a key area within the industry, so that providers ensure people are in the right fund for them. We're proud to be the top provider for customer engagement. We also consider Net Benefit as one of the most important ways to measure overall value for KiwiSaver members, and are pleased to see this as a strong consideration in the SuperRatings criteria."

See SuperRatings full list of KiwiSaver schemes

Market drop – Should I be concerned and should I do anything?

12 October 2018

You may have heard that global share markets have fallen sharply over the last few days and be naturally wondering what this means and what you should do.

The first thing to know is that markets will do this from time to time and that this is the second time they have done so this year.  Back in February they also dropped sharply when Donald Trump first threatened trade wars with China. They recovered well after that, because it was soon realised that world economic growth and company profitability would not be significantly affected – importantly, this remains the case today.

The next thing to do is avoid panicking into any rash decision to suddenly change what fund you are currently in. We know this can be easier said than done. So this might be good time to check in with our online risk profile questionnaire, to double check that the fund you are in is still the right one for your time horizon and risk appetite.  You could then use the results as the basis of a discussion with your financial adviser – they can help you with the results of the risk profile and talk through anything else that might be on your mind. We'll be keeping advisers well-informed about any market developments. If you don’t currently have a financial adviser, we can recommend one for you.

Market movements like we have seen are a bit unsettling and unpredictable in the short term, but they are not unusual.  What is more predictable though, is the superior performance of markets over the long term. So, if you are a long-term investor in KiwiSaver, staying with markets through thick and thin has always been the best thing to do.

David Beattie

Booster leading the way

10 October 2018

As a default KiwiSaver Scheme provider, supporting our members to make the most of their Booster KiwiSaver scheme account is high on our priority list.

For many default members, that includes helping them make an informed decision (or 'active choice') about the fund they're in, so they are set up to meet their savings goals and aspirations.

The FMA has just released their annual report on KiwiSaver for 2018. Booster has topped the table for enabling default members to make their own decisions about which fund to invest in - this includes those who chose to stay in the Default Savers fund and those who moved into a different investment fund. In 2018, 15% of out total default members made an active choice, which means they're taking more control over their financial futures.

While this is great recognition for Booster and an indicator of the level of support we offer to all our members, what we're most pleased about is the growing number of our default members who are taking charge of their KiwiSaver accounts.

Read the FMA 2018 KiwiSaver Annual report

KiwiSaver ethical rating system

18 September 2018

Recently, an article was published announcing a new 'web-based' rating system for KiwiSaver schemes, based on their ethical offerings.

Booster's two SRI funds achieved a much higher rating on this scale than was reported. Both of our SRI funds have been independently certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) as ethical investment funds.

Booster applies nine exclusion filters to our SRI funds. By investing in our SRI funds, you can be assured you are not investing in socially controversial industries or businesses with damaging activities such as tobacco, fossil fuels and nuclear power production.

Disappointingly, the rating process and outcomes were more of an indication of how well KiwiSaver providers communicate their responsible investing process to investors, rather than being about the quality of the investment itself.

The article's analysis of KiwiSaver providers does present an opportunity for both ourselves and the industry to provide clearer consumer investor information. At Booster, we will be improving how we share our Responsible Investing information on our website.

Booster is a member of RIAA and remains committed to continuous improvements in how we integrate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our decision-making on behalf of all clients. 

Read our Responsible Investment Policy here

Sileni Estates join the Tahi Family

06 September 2018

Sileni Estates is the newest addition to Tahi's investment portfolio. Renowned for their quality, Sileni are one of New Zealand's premium wines with distribution to 60 countries around the world.

Tahi's investment is part of a new era for Sileni and means we will be working together with the Avery family to provide a solid foundation for Sileni's operations and continue a proud history for the Sileni brand.  

The addition of Sileni Estates gives the wine businesses within Tahi significant scale in the New Zealand wine industry and strengthens their collective ability to take the best of New Zealand to the world.

Learn more about Tahi 

Boosting New Zealand Innovation

27 August 2018

Supporting New Zealand innovation and business has always been important to Booster. As part of our investment strategy, Booster has formed a partnership with Viclink, the commercial arm of Victoria University of Wellington.

This partnership, NZ Innovation Booster LP, provides secured funding to take research from Victoria University to the next stage of development or commercialisation.

Learn more about NZ Innovation Booster

Booster joins Conscious Consumers

23 August 2018

Booster is pleased to announce it has now become the first accredited financial services provider with Conscious Consumers, and has received their brand new 'Responsible Investment' badge.

Developed by Conscious Consumers in conjunction with RIAA, the Responsible Investment badge is awarded to financial service companies that offer investment funds which exclude socially controversial or damaging investment activities.

Booster has always had a responsible investment philosophy to our fund management, and we're pleased to be awarded this recognition in an industry first.

Learn more about Booster's Socially Responsible Investment funds and how to switch your KiwiSaver fund to an ethical investment.

Boosting Wellington's Resilience

28 July 2018

At Booster, one of our driving philosophies is to help New Zealanders build financial resilience. So, it made sense to support Nikau Foundation's recent PledgeMe campaign for the Wellington Resilience Fund - a dedicated Area-of-Special Interest Fund to help build the resilience of the Wellington Region against potential threats like a significant earthquake.

With Booster's support and donation, Nikau Foundation hit their $20,000 goal to supply community centres & schools with vital emergency equipment.

Booster’s Managing Director, Allan Yeo said, “We’ve called Wellington home for 20 years, so we’re Wellingtonian through and through. At Booster we’re about building resilience of the financial kind. Nikau’s fundraising was an opportunity to support the resilience of the very special city we call home. It was just the natural thing for us to do.”

“Being based in Wellington helps make Booster the kind of company we are. Supporting this initiative builds a stronger, resilient, more connected community. That’s important to us because we live and work here.”

Learn more about Nikau Foundation 

Consumer Survey - KiwiSaver Customer Satisfaction report

May 2018

Consumer's latest KiwiSaver report looked at the overall customer satisfaction with chosen KiwiSaver providers.

Booster achieved a 65% customer satisfaction rating, with more than 25% of members opting to join Booster on the advice of a financial adviser. Our members were also the least likely to be thinking of switching.

Compare that with the survey's winner, BNZ, who had a 71% satisfaction rating, but more than 22% were looking to switch to another KiwiSaver provider within a year.

That's fantastic news and a great achievement for Booster. 

The full report is available on